Alternative New Twitter Icons

You've no doubt seen the recent twitter makeover - including a new range of default avatars - that launched earlier this month. You may also have noticed (or been victim to) a recent bug that reset a lot of people's avatars to the new default.

Well what if you don't like the new twitter cartoon bird? With this in mind I've created a set of 13 22 alternative 'new' twitter avatars for you (available in all the 'official' colours) featuring a number of different birds, as well as their distant ancestor:

Update: due to popular demand, more birds added!

Right-click and 'Save Image As...' to download, or grab them all in a 561KB zip file.

A vast majority of these birds were sourced ethically from the excellent Stock.XCHNG, but a few were nicked from Google Image Search, and I feel bad about that. Still, I think only one breaks any major kind of copyright.