Spotify Instant – Turbo!

My quick Spotify Instant hack last week got quite a bit of attention, physician so I thought I’d revisit it.

When I was writing it, I kept having ideas as to how I could speed it up. Well, I explored one of those, and with the help of my good friend Adam Hepton completely rewrote it and the results even impressed us! (I would benchmark, but in the process I overwrote the old one with the new one.)

As a bonus, the time and popularity have also been properly formatted, and it now works better across a variety of browsers. Enjoy!

3 Responses to “Spotify Instant – Turbo!”

  1. Andy Says:

    Apparently some IE versions don’t like going cross-domain to get the results.
    Looks like a browser bug. Opera is also throwing an unspecified wobbler.

    For now, FF, Chrome, Safari (and even Safari on iOS) all work fine.

  2. Arvul Says:

    I must say Andy, all of your work is brilliant! You make more intresting spotify features than the spotify-team, they are fools not to offer you a job(if they havn’t already)! keep on with the good work!

  3. Andy Says:

    Thanks! No job offer yet, but I guess they don’t need to as I do this all for free 😀