Spotify Instant

Spotify InstantEver since Google launched ‘Google Instant’, sovaldi sale people are all over this search-as-you-type style of doing things.

So I thought, can I make something similar with some javascript and the Spotify search APIs? So I did: Spotify Instant

The idea actually became to have a keyboard-only search mechanism where you can type, tab, then hit return to launch the track in Spotify.

Obviously it’s never going to be as fast as something Google have built, plus it has to back off a bit to prevent going over Spotify’s 10-requests-per-second limit, but for the most part it works fairly nicely.

Since writing it last night I’ve had a few thoughts how it could be made faster and more useful, but I thought I’d throw it out there for you to play with in the mean time. Forgive the lack of Popularity/song length formatting 🙂

One Response to “Spotify Instant”

  1. vstg005 Says:

    Nice work as always, thanks Andy!