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Free-up stuck email in Android’s Gmail App

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Since getting my HTC Magic with the Google Android Gmail app, decease I am far more connected to my email than ever before.

Sometimes when replying to a message while on the move, the message gets stuck at the “Sending…” stage. What’s worse is there’s no way to cancel, or even read the full contents of what you wrote. Thankfully, there’s a little fiddle you can perform to unstick the message.

  • Open the message thread, and click the original message you had replied to until you get the ‘Reply’ button.
  • Press ‘Reply’, then save your empty reply as a draft.
  • Go into your Drafts folder, and open the thread. You will be given the editor with your original ‘stuck’ reply text in it. (At this point you could copy the text to the clipboard if you want to be safe).
  • Press ‘Send’.
  • On sync (manual or automatic), the original reply will send!
  • Go back into the thread and ‘Discard’ your empty draft between the original email & your (now sent) reply

I performed the last step on a desktop via the web interface, as the Android app is not always clear whether you’re deleting a single message or a whole thread. Still, if you do that by accident just go and fetch it from ‘Trash’.

I believe main cause of these ‘stuck’ messages is attempting to send when your mobile data connection is patchy. If you’re going to write a few emails where signal isn’t great I recommend turning off Gmail sync, writing/”sending” them, then manually syncing when signal is good.