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Updated Spotify client makes me touch myself!

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Today Spotify updated their client introducing a slew of new features, cheapest including profiles and Facebook integration. There are already plenty of other posts about the new features popping up, so I’ll leave the roundup to the pros.

Instead I just wanted to highlight one new feature that quite literally makes me touch myself – the import of Facebook profile pictures for use in your Spotify profile.

My current Facebook pic is a wonderful little doodling by my friend Aisling:

Me as a ghostbuster

Which, when automatically cropped by Spotify, has the the unfortunate appearance of, well…

Although I’m sure Spotify is pleased to see their users so excited, I wouldn’t mind a way to perhaps PG-up my profile pic a little bit? Thanks.

If this kind of filth doesn’t offend you, please feel free to become my Spotify friend.